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Hey, I’m Freyja.

I’m married to the best human to ever live (second to Jesus) & together we parent four unreal, salty little grommets. Our family and friends spread far and wide across the globe; from Canadian country towns, to African villages, Central American villas, global communes & Aussie car parks (shout out to all the van-lifers out there!) The Australian East coast is our earthly home and place I birthed my babies & business. 


Growing up my mum used a few classic essential oils like Tea Tree, Eucalyptus & Lemon to keep our zoo of a home vaguely clean. While my dad forced Oregano oil under our tongues & snuck it in our orange juice whenever we ever got sick. “Taste like shit but it works”, he said. It wasn’t until a few facebook posts from a friend caught my eye, that I truly started learning about the diversity of essential oils & what they could do. By divine intervention a local Aussie mate gifted me my first doTERRA bottles around the same time. When my lavender & lemon bottles ran dry I carved out some of our slim funds at the time, and made a decision to invest in doterra oils because I KNEW longer term, the positive impact they would have on our budget & the planet!

Since my first few doterra purchases in 2015 to today, it has been my joy to empower thousands of families with these precious gifts of the earth - DoTERRA essential oils. It’s my privilege to coach people in taking leaps in owning their actions & stewarding their health & ultimately their lives in a deeply impactful way. I consider DoTERRA, one piece of the puzzle when it comes to holistic health and while I love showing people how oils fit into the puzzle of their unique lives, our conversations don’t stop there. With a background in biblical studies, human behaviour & social work + my personal ongoing study of various other obsessions such as the environment, biology, gut health, birth, hormones, parenting, marriage, habits, financial freedom, lifestyle design & so much more, we go deep. Round here, I want to help people lead lives of impact both personally & globally.

I like to think of DoTERRA as a gateway that can lead to a level of personal & global impact many of us long to be a part of but don’t know where to start. For our family, what started as a simple desire to reduce our waste, costs, chemical exposure & pollution turned into more than we could have imagined. Today we have ZERO toxic cleaning products & no sprawling medicine cabinets, just a tidy, streamlined shelf/box of little brown bottles, offering all the power of plants.

Beyond the bottles, we have been freed to live in a variety of unique & beautiful circumstances (not all easy). From a beachside apartment on the Northern Beaches of Sydney where I taught my first workshop, to Bus living in our self converted school bus “Nalu”, whom we lived in while traveling Australia teaching people about doTERRA oils. Then we built a three storey glass tiny house among the Maples in Canada. Jumped on the plane back to Australia to anchor ourselves in a lake-side rental on the Central Coast where we were evacuated after just 3 months during the 2020 floods. With no family & minimal friends to turn to in an acute moment of need we survived 9 months of being categorically “homeless”. Thankfully we were housed by strangers & enduring various forms of tiny houses with 3 kids in tow & a surprise 4th on the way. We chose to embrace the uncomfortable & use it as an opportunity to speed up our financial plans & prepare a house deposit in record time. By November that same year we bought our first home & birthed our fourth baby in our living room.

Needless to say, we’ve learned the fine art of flourishing & going with the flow regardless of the external circumstances.

We know the joy that comes from persevering with grit and creativity to bring visions into reality. Through it all, I feel as though I have accumulated some treasures of hope I feel compelled to share with the world so others can experience what the Greeks call “SOZO”, meaning wholeness & healing in every way.

So, Thank you for being here, I hope you stick around to click around & let me welcome you to our global community of people learning to flourish & flow.


Freyja Shaw

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