Purity Matters

Purity Matters

As intentional as I am about where I spend my dollar, I admit I didn’t intentionally CHOOSE doTERRA over other brands because they were “the best”. I had used lots of brands of oils before, but doTERRA proved to be the best on every level.

In my first blog I shared how I got started with doTERRA and at first, all I really cared about was reducing our waste & impact on the environment.

Growing up I was familiar with using essential oils for cleaning, but the more I experimented with doTERRA oils, a whole new way of doing life unveiled. As intentional as I am about where I spend my dollar, I admit I didn’t intentionally CHOOSE doTERRA over other brands because they were “the best”. I had used lots of brands of oils before, but doTERRA proved to be the best on every level:


DoTERRA oils are more effective than any other brand of oils I have come across because their main pursuit is PURITY! The founders of this company had seen the corruption in the essential oil industry first hand and actively chose to build a company that refused to cheat with dilution or synthetics. This simple act of integrity means our bodies get to benefit from the vast array of powerful molecular compounds that exists in unadulterated plants. Absorbing them in their natural diversity actually protects us from side effects & offers side benefits.

Other essential oil companies can legally market themselves as “pure” without actually being pure at all. I’ll touch more on that in a moment. This risks associated with using impure oils are considerable high with common reactions, side effects and dangerous diluents & synthetics being carried into the body. Not to mention they simply just aren’t as effective.

Ever heard of “Green Washing"? — it’s a marketing technique a ton of companies use to make the consumer think they are buying a safe & earth friendly product, when in reality it's pretty much the same as all the blatantly obviously chemical laden products, but often not as effective. One of the biggest issues with this is, once people realise that “natural” products aren't as effective as the harsh chemical based ones, a distrust is formed with all natural solutions. As sad as it is, most people, even good people trying to do their best for the environment, will opt for the product they KNOW will do what they want,  rather than risk spending their dollar on something they can’t be confident in.

Another thing… It is usually from these natural molecular compounds we find in plants that pharmaceutical companies base their products off. Seems like a good thing, right? But you can't pattern something that exists naturally, so pharmaceutical companies create isolated synthetic versions of these compounds originally found in nature, THEN market them to us as “THE” solution for X, Y or Z. This is why most medicinal products we buy in stores are only good for one or two purposes — They are isolated synthetic molecular compounds our bodies respond to but don’t know what to do with or how to flush from our systems. Then these toxins build up, storing themselves in out cells until eventually they present themselves as something worse.
Compare that to a bottle of PURE essential oil with diverse natural molecular compounds that can serve us in upwards of 100 ways, are effective AND our bodies know how to process, absorb & flush safely.


In order to be certain of the oils purity, doTERRA knew they couldn’t just say it themselves & expect the world to take them at their word. After all, basically everyone says their oils are pure & yet most of them are not. So, doTERRA makes sure every 1L batch of oil is third party tested & the results of those test are put out to the public for us all to see on a website called Source To You

Simply flip your little brown bottle upside down to find the batch number on the bottom & input that number in the search bar on the Source to You website. If your anything like me, it will probably just look like lines on a page & science-y words you don’t know too much about (yet), BUT if you are scientifically inclined or a medical professional, this is phenomenal information that allows practitioners to know EXACTLY what is in that bottle. Having this information ensures consistency & empowers doctors to go as far as prescribing doTERRA oils as a means of support for many health concerns. Let that sink in a for a moment! THIS IS HUGE! Check out this panel of physicians chatting about how they are using doTERRA oils in their practices https://youtu.be/l4waQXDi1FM

It is this level of knowledge about the oils & transparency from doTERRA that is changing the western health care system & for the first time in generations we are seeing holistic practices enter mainstream care in hospitals & doctors clinics around the world!

Here are a few videos sharing how hospitals in the States are actively & openly using doTERRA oils in their facilities to support staff & patiences. https://youtu.be/Jm2xpDDOyw8

These videos explain a partnership between doTERRA & and St Elizabeth Healthcare Hospital. It includes a doTERRA Centre for Integrative Oncology with the first floor of the St. Elizabeth Cancer Centre facility dedicated to holistic, patient-centred care known as integrative-oncology.


It is so great that more & more people are trying to make conscious decisions when it comes to the products they buy, and looking for “organic” should bring us some certainty that what we are buying is good on all levels. I'm sorry to burst anyone’s bubble who believes this, but it needs to be done. These days to be certified “organic”, the farmers only have to prove to be a certain percent organic. They can still use many harmful chemicals & pesticides which leach into the plants & our food, then eventually into our bodies. (spewing emoji)

If you care to look, you will notice doTERRA is NOT certified organic because of two main reasons:
  1. It is actually the farmers doTERRA partner with, not doTERRA themselves who would have to undergo becoming certified. Since doTERRA doesn’t own farms but instead chooses to form direct trade relationships with indigenous growers around the world (many who are developing nations), it would actually come out of the growers pocket to get that stamp of approval that doesn’t really mean very much. Not to mention the enormously varying standards globally.

2. The “organic” standards around the world are loose to say the least. Australia ACO is probably the best in the world but still falls short in ultimate quality of product or food. These issues are the very reason the owners of doTERRA went down the path they did, and instead of pursuing “organic”, set an entirely new industry standard with Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade oils (CPTG).

To boil it down for you, doTERRA ONLY accepts PURITY. Absolutely no fillers, synthetics, fragrances, perfume, pesticides or anything else! Only 100% pure essential oil. And to ensure that, they had to create a new standard. A standard so high that third party testing facilities have taken it on board as the new standard that all oils should be tested against. The results of these tests are open to the public on the Source To You website. This level of due-diligence & transparency is unmatched in the essential oil industry.

And personally, when essential oils are being carried deep into the body, through the bloodstream & in some cases, past the blood-brain barrier… I for one don’t want to be using anything shy of the absolute purest oils in the world! How about you?

If you don’t have doTERRA oils in your life yet I can't wait to help guide you in making your first purchase. Click here to buy doTERRA oils or flick me an email to set up a 1:1 consultation & we can discuss what options are ideal for you personally.

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